Cathy Patnovic

Contact Chalk Artist Cathy Patnovic for live beautiful artistic renderings with a dramatic climax. Special lighting reveals a previously hidden picture that makes her fine artwork seem to come alive. There's a great message behind each beautiful presentation that reaches into the heart. 

Her unique blend of black-light chalk artistry and visual Bible teaching is ideal for church services, ladies' luncheons, mother-daughter banquets, conferences,  special events and children's ministries.

For more information or bookings please call Cathy at 302-354-8633 or email . There is no charge for this ministry.


         What is Black-Light Chalk Artistry?

This unique art form employs specially formulated chalk which contains chemicals that glow under ultraviolet light. At the conclusion of the drawing, special lighting reveals a previously hidden picture. The picture (left) fades between the chalk drawing as seen under normal lighting and the hidden picture as it appears under special ultraviolet lighting.

Cathy is happy to credit Ding and David Teuling for the
wonderful concept and fine art instruction that made this 
picture possible. See 

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